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Starting and running a successful business has nothing to do with your gender, history, tribe, skin color,or even your motherhood status.A woman who has become a mother can still fly high with her business which she has been running before she became a mother, there is a ton of evidences on this, but on the other side of the same coin, there are women who stopped running their businesses soon after they became mothers, they complain of stress, demands,and time.One of the best ways for such mothers “mompreneurs” is to run your business and work from home; this will give you an environment to run both shows parallel, But it is not easy as well, today we look at the few tips for such mothers who work from home; 

Have time for yourself

It is common that when a mother takes care of her family and her business at the same time, which is basically doing two full-time jobs, you can easily forget about yourself. Set aside at least one day in a week and put the business-off, no phone calls, no meetings, no laptops, just have a complete day off and take care of yourself, of course next to your family.

Say no to business too

It is quite common that many mothers would simply say no to their kids on various occasions but they hardly say no when it comes to business. This is very important because if you keep on saying yes to every business call or opportunity, you will end up running your business 24/7 which poses a risk of failing to take care of your family.
Remember, saying yes to every business opportunity does not guarantee you success. 

Have a maid at home

I understand this is not even a tip, majority if not all women have a housemaid at home that helps you
in various house chores. This is important that’s why I have to over-emphasize here, the maid will help to free your household time that you can focus on your family and business without feeling any guilty of failing to attend your hubby and your kids. 

Learn to delegate

As I said it, running your business and taking care of your family is basically doing two full-time jobs,so you need to learn how to delegate. You can work out a compromised agreement with your hubby on how he can either help on your kids’ duties or business runs. Make sure that the maid is tasked with all the duties that will not make your hubby unhappy while at the same time giving you enough time to handle your business.

Stay healthy

Remember that taking care of your family and business as I said can compromise your time to take care of yourself, while at the same you need to stay healthy all the time for yourself, your hubby, your kids,and your business, your schedule is tight and your energy is always needed. So take your time to take care of your health and be happy.

Treat your home office like a real corporate office

Most mothers fail to work from home because they fail to create a proper working environment at home, how could you be working from the kitchen? or sitting room? Create an environment conducive for your work, even if you live in a small house, buy a chair and a table,and create a working space that really transforms your mind when sitting on that chair, put working hours and your family can easily buy into your working hours and space boundaries.
These are some of the long list of the tips for mompreneurs, but do not forget that your family always comes firstno matter what, discuss your business goals with your hubby and see how he can support you.

 About The Author

Salum Awadh is a young renowned business and financial consultant in Tanzania with about five (5) years of experience in providing advisory services in the areas of business development, management, finance, investment, transaction advises, venture capital, deal structuring, project management, risk management, socio-economic development, research and training. He holds an MBA (Finance) and currently doing a certification in Chartered International Investment Analyst (CIIA)

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