December 25, 2015

1. Productivity

If you don’t produce you won’t be happy.

2. Good friends

The greatest support system in the world is good friends. You can’t be careless here, you need good friends. Friends are those people who know all about you and still like you.

3. Spirituality

I’m not asking you to be a believer. I am a believer that humans are more than an advanced form of the animal kingdom. I’m a believer that we are a special creation. I don’t ask you to be a believer, but if you are a believer here is what you must do: Whatever is valuable to you, you must Study, Practice & Teach.

4. Don’t miss anything

Don’t miss the game, don’t miss the show, don’t miss the words. Even the small things, don’t miss them because these things make for a good life. Pay attention to the lyrics of songs that nourish the soul, you got to remember the words.
Do your research and don’t miss anything. “If you live well, you will earn well”. If you live well it will show up in the texture of your voice, if you live well it will show up in your face, if you live well it will show up in the magnetism of your personality. So don’t miss the nourishment of all the things around you that can help you live a good life.

5. The Inner Circle (Your Family)

Take care of them, they will take care of you, inspire them, they will inspire you. Nothing is more valuable than the inner circle. That’s where the power to conquer the world comes from. If a father walks out of his house and can still, all day long feel his daughters kiss on his face, he’s a powerful man. The greatest virtue and value is one person caring for another, it is LOVE.
It is better living in a tent on a beach with someone you love, than a mansion by yourself.

6. We have a chance as human beings to participate in the miracle process

You can do this any day and everyday. Changing somebody’s life, rescuing someone from oblivion, building an organization second to none so that your name will appear in many peoples testimonials.
These are the keys to Living A Good Life.

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