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Everyday when I walk down the street I see a lot of  things but one thing is always common; everyone is busy.People are busy pursuing careers/jobs than they have ever been and as the result the upbringing of children which is more the responsibility of the parents become less prioritized.It's a proven fact that JOBS which take at least 80% percent of active hours of many people's working life.Due to this many parents find other people to take care of their children from the very small age (which I do not discourage ) but its sad to realize that many parents forget completely their parenting responsibility and leave it for the day-care or school institutions to do which is not so efficient because every child has different abilities,thought process,experience and genes and so it's impractical for the class full of children to be treated by the same means.That's something a parent alone can do.Many have confused parenting with provision of basic needs,that if they eat,dress and sleep in as afe place that's it but truth be told,YOUR CHILDREN NEEDS MORE THAN THAT. They need a person who really understand them,a person who spend time with them,share moments together and a person who shows great interest in their talents and abilities,support and nourish them. That's what parenting is about...

It's a great challenge to many parents to balance between work and family but its also important to understand that family is the greatest companion one can ever have.That goes also to your spouse (wife or husband). Parents must give time their families and especially children because they need to be taught and shown which way they should go.Sad news is that even when you don't consider this as a full-time obligation,they will learn anyway.The question is: what will they learn? well,in the digital age we are living the possibilities are endless.He can be whatever the world wants him to be.As they grow up they are exposed to many things including the internet (whose use is inevitable)  in which everyone is trying to sell something; values & virtues and whatever there is and your kid will pick any of which he/she finds attractive,not necessarily useful or healthy only to realize when things have gotten out of control.

It's my call to all parents to make parenting a number one agenda in their daily life.Do not let your job take all your time and the world steal away your children.

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