So you’ve got the knowledge and skill, you know your gear and the direction in which you want to go with your photography. Now it’s time to attract clients. You will inevitably do some shoots you won’t be too excited about, and that’s okay. But you should make an effort to attract clients you really want to work with. After all, doing the kind of shoots you like is what will make you really love your job and enjoy it to the max. Here are the few secrets I have picked along the way and these are as true in photography as in any other business;

Photography is very broad and in order to attract clients you REALLY want, you have to be known for something. Choose a certain type of photography be it wedding, architecture, advertising, food & hospitality, travel etc. Make sure it is something you real enjoy doing and you can see yourself doing it long-term. Once you have made a choice, take your time to hone your craft on that particular niche, shoot and then shoot again until you feel confident. You can also learn trade secrets from greats and soon enough you will start to attract clients who are looking for specialty service. These are the kind of clients that you really want because they usually pay more than the average client but also tend to be more appreciative because they are looking for a particular solution and you're the best guy for the job.
Imagine going to the hospital with a dental problem. You are likely to pay any reasonable amount of money to see a dentist even if it is cheaper to see a general practitioner because you are certain the dentist is the best man/woman for the job.

One of world's greatest luxury is CERTAINTY. People are willing to pay insane amounts of money if they can be certain of what to expect every time. They may not always come to you whenever they are in need of your service/product but they will surely come to you when it is TOO IMPORTANT for them to get it right. When there is no margin for error and everything is on the line, cost isn't a problem and that's when you can charge premium for your professionalism and certainty.

In this day and age, the average human consumes a lot of advertising messages every day and it can be hard to stand out from all the noise. The secret is here is to tell your story. Great storytelling can inspire people, make them stop and think for a minute and the best of all, it can influence their buying choices. Tell people why you do what you do, what inspires you and tell them how your product/service can improve their lives and if your story is compelling enough people are likely to share with others and this can go a long way towards advertising your brand/business. 

However, we were not all born with the gift of storytelling and that's okay. There are individuals/agencies that can help create your story and curate messages that will make you stand out. Reach out to us if you ever find yourself in need of an partner who can offer proprietary advertising solutions without breaking your bank.  
Here is our story and be sure to visit www.brainbongo.co.tz for more information;

What other secrets do you know? Share on the comment section below..

Geofrey Mtatiro

I'm a storyteller by trade but a problem-solver by birth. I find creative ways to tell stories of Individuals, Brands, Businesses & Organizations through Photography, Film Production & Advertising. In 2012, I founded BRAINBONGO to do just that while still in high school with the help of a few friends. Through the years, we have become really good at it. We love it and we live it. We are #EXTRAORDINARY!


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