If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs…”

– Tony Gaskins (Author, Motivational Speaker, Producer)

Everybody claims they want SUCCESS, but very few truly pursue it. As time goes by, we constantly become preoccupied with surviving as opposed to living, the older we get. Many people are content with having a stable routine job (which doesn’t pose any risks to their way of living), rather than pursing their own creative ambitions

Why do we spend our time struggling to work for other people, rather than build ourselves up to work for ourselves and achieve our own dreams? What’s stopping us finding out what our dreams are and chasing them?

In a society where the 9am – 5pm job routine has now become the epitome of success for the average person, is the possibility of a promotion or generic work achievements really what spurs them on in life? Does it make them feel good in an accomplished way?

Inspired by Suli Breaks,a poet who addresses the distinctions between the principles of a job you make yourself do day in day out, and a true career you love and are really passionate about,here is a video that can change how you think about your job forever..

Geofrey Mtatiro

I'm a storyteller by trade but a problem-solver by birth. I find creative ways to tell stories of Individuals, Brands, Businesses & Organizations through Photography, Film Production & Advertising. In 2012, I founded BRAINBONGO to do just that while still in high school with the help of a few friends. Through the years, we have become really good at it. We love it and we live it. We are #EXTRAORDINARY!


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