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 Believe it or not,everyone has that thing inside them that they can do better than anyone else.Logically almost everyone at some point notices that there are certain things that they would basically find very easy and reluctant to do and as a matter of fact they would also come up with brilliant results.

The only thing that we tend to forget is that,these things we do best are our unique points..It is from these things we define our strengths,abilities,talents and qualities.Knowing that you very good in doing something is a good start and that is what we call Defining your strengths..Sometimes we need people to tell us that we do certain things better than others..Don't just take the compliment,When they say that they except that next time you act like an expert.

The only way you can become a master of these special qualities that you have is by  repetitively practicing them.If you are good at singing for make sure you spend most of the time doing that, For instance,i knew i loved writing but i did know i could write until i started doing so.

The power of knowing your strengths lies in the ability to make them part and parcel of your being,this is what i call Subscribing to your Strengths.Remember when you subscribe to your favorite site so that you are alerted on every update!!! Now that's the same thing except the only difference is "Subscribing to your Strengths" will require you to put energy,passion,focus and determination into achieving a good deed from what these things you love and do best.

We have seen quite a number of world known celebrities and famous people who used their strengths to create a lifestyle they had always wanted, Now that is the power of using strengths to reach for your dreams.Do not sit and think that you have nothing to offer to the world, Trust me you are gifted and the world needs you..You just have to sit down and discover what is it that you love and can do best and then SUBSCRIBE TO THEM!!!

About The Author
Julieth Msoffe is a passionate,dynamic and inspiring writer and a blogger at JOURNEY TO SUCCESS.She believes in dreams and readiness to make them a reality as the only drive factor towards a successful future.

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