Facebook Universe gives us the power to connect with the people we love, those we never thought we’d see ever again (or hoped we would never set our eyes on again), and new acquaintances.

Whether you realize it or not, a science is emerging as we connect daily via Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild. I’m going to name this new science Facebookology — or the analysis of human beings via their FB profiles. The following is our attempt to spell the science out and give you the tools to better understand your friends, family members, co-workers, potential lovers and friends, and even job candidates.

Let’s dive in…
What’s in a Profile Photo?

Gawker has done a beautiful job of breaking down profile photos and what they convey:
Let’s face it, Facebook is becoming a part of our human DNA. Everywhere we go, the beast follows us — and no matter how much we hate it, most of us can’t walk away. According to social media statistician Craig Smith, as of June 2013 1.11 billion people use the much loved (and greatly hated) service.

1. Portrait Taken By Someone Else

A non-professional photo of a person from the waist up (or higher) to the top of the head (in which he or she is smiling) reveals a confident and well adjusted human being. If it’s obvious that a portrait is a professional/promotional head shot, it is very possible that the person is narcissistic. A serious bathing suit/bikini shot usually indicates someone who is potentially hot but insecure.

2. Self-Portrait

It all depends on what type of self-portrait we are talking about. A sexy close-up, or a series of sexy close-ups taken in someone’s bedroom/bathroom/or other homey location spells out desperate, needy, and insecure.

On the other hand a self-portrait that is taken in the moment (around a group of friends or while exploring the world) tends to reveal a humble goofball.

3. From a Distance

An individual who prefers their profile picture be from a distance (so that their facial features can’t really be discerned) may be quite shy or private in nature. It is possible that adventure and interesting activities may be the name of their game.

4. Childhood Photo

According to Gawker, a person who showcases a childhood is stuck in the past and has concluded they looked much more adorable as a child. It also may indicate they are going through a tough moment in life and want to reconnect with the happiness and innocence of their childhood.

5. Pet Showcase

Those who choose a photo of their dog or cat as their profile photo may either: (a) like to be incognito, but charming or (b) be shouting out to the world they are single and/or childless. If you are thinking of dating one of these souls, it is probable the animal will play a huge role in your life. Animal people are usually extremely genuine — but mistreat their babies and you’ll be on the outs.

6. Family Photo

Family photos usually indicate a person who is dedicated and true. A photo of a child in place of their own photo reveals they may be hiding something. Maybe they’ve recently gained weight, aged dramatically, or are living through their child/children.

7. Party Picture 

A party photo is often a huge indicator of maturity and lifestyle. A profile frequented by photos of an individual drinking and making wild gestures indicates they are far from settled. Also, it’s likely he or she is susceptible to peer pressure.
Level and Type of Activity

Pay close attention to how often and what a person posts — it says a ton about the person and how they interact the world on a daily basis. has done a beautiful job of breaking down the various types of Facebook users:
Ultras – Spend at least two hours a day on FB and check feeds numerous times throughout the day. These peeps don’t usually mind admitting they have an obsession.
Dippers - Can go days without logging in or posting.
Deniers - Have gone on record saying social media isn’t important, but have freak-out sessions when they can’t access FB.
Ranters - Love to tell the world how frustrated they are about everything under the sun.
Ghosts - Create anonymous profiles so they can check up on others, yet not be forced to give out their personal info to the world.
Virgins - Just jumping into social media for the very first time.
Peacocks - Engaged in a popularity contest and tend to have many followers. Many people are often compelled by their posts and readily “like” them.
Informers - Keep their friends up on the latest news, gadgets, and stuff.
Quizzers - Enjoy asking questions to start conversations.

If a person’s Facebook activity drives you nuts, they just may do the same in “real” life.


Finally, the “About” section of a persons profile is very telling. There are some Facebook users who like to share the minimum, while there are those who are willing to reveal all, even their phone numbers.

If you are thinking of dating a person, you may want to assess their:
Relationship status
Religious and political views
Year Born (although, not everyone lists their year)
Current City
Educational level
Job type

Also, pay close attention to any other details they offer up to the world. Consider the tone they use and their degree of self-confidence, humor, sarcasm, etc.

When you put all of the puzzle pieces together, you’ll be amazed at what you discover. Of course, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, but thanks to Facebook, you can practically decode the DNA of your friends and foes.

Article by Jen Engevik,

Disclaimer: An author of this article is BrainBongo's contributor and the views/values expressed here do not necessarily reflect ours (Team BrainBongo).

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