Oh My!
This words makes you look like a person who can not give decision and provide clear outcome on whatever he/she is doing. It also portrays you as a person who expresses matters poorly and hard to understand.

It shows that one will not do it or do not know to do it. If you have failed to do it several times say "I will repeat till i do it!" or if the idea is new say "I need to know it, so i must learn how".

Along with phrases like "I guess" and "sort of," is tentative and doesn't reflect confidence or strength. It can let you down in situations where precise explanations are needed!

This word sometimes denies the truth of some words that comes before it. A person told a phrase with but, will not expect 100% of what you are telling him/her. It is to either use the word "and" or re-phrase.

This word is harsh sometimes; you can convey the same meaning with a phrase like 'I wish I could'.

Robert Finder, author of The Financial Professional's Guide To Communication, calls this a "non-word" that makes others do all the work. Instead, provide meaningful examples to illustrate your point.

Finder calls this a "poor attempt to instill candor and truthfulness" that makes clients and coworkers question whether you're really telling the truth.

It shows that one is incompetence and poor communication skills.

compiled from forbes.com

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