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        Ever wondered what colour is love? why do many people symbolize love by red colour?, why do people say that love is RED?It is the question I had in my mind for so long till when I decided to find the truth.I did my research by questioning several people and this is what they had to say....

   J.Kibona : I guess love is RED because RED is the colour of BLOOD.
         And loving someone sometimes means making sacrifices

      Is what Mr Kibona said really enough to make somebody understand why is RED the colour of love?I didn't stop my research,I went on....

    G.Peter : Everybody looks LOVE in his or her own different way. One can say LOVE is RED just because he grew up seeing RED colour  used when love is concerned or just because he or she saw it on T.V or magazine.

    I then asked another to find out more.....

  A.Respick  : From my point of view I guess the colour of love depends on who you love. Its WHITE if you love your family, friend,or your neighbor and its RED if the love concerned is between boyfriend & girlfriend, husband & wife etc.

  Still getting different views from different people......

    Emmanuel B : Well,I think love is BLACK.It may sound strange but I firmly believe this because as far as I know, love is total darkness hard to know what will come next.Its the matter of guessing where to go,what to do and what not to do.The reason to this is because any of the choices can be right or wrong,you'll just by the outcome.A person in love can be resembled to a blind man because he/she can not see the heart of the one loved and prove that he/she is really loved back or its fake.

    Wow,thats a very different perspective and I dig the idea but I don't wanna be selfish so,I invite all my readers to participate in this conversation and lets all find out THE TRUE COLOUR  OF LOVE.Lets go.....


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  1. From you point of view,yeah! but what about others?we need to find out more what pple thnk...


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