It was on December 8th, 2014 when I met Raqey Mohamed @iamraqey at the Nyama Choma Festival event on the UDSM ground. I had never met the man but I was a huge follower of his work. I was just starting my career in photography and it was literally a dream come true to see the legend in person but I couldn’t gather the courage to face him directly so, I befriended a photographer on his team named Leone and urged him to make an introduction which he gracefully did. I got to talk to Raqey and I said something along the lines of ‘Hey man I really admire your work and I am just starting so I would like for you to mentor me so that I can be like you.' I knew it was a long shot as he might get that a lot from upcoming photographers but I was hopeful and genuinely passionate and I think he must have felt it (I don’t know, just saying 😂). So, he told me to meet him the following week at his office, and there I was with my Nikon D3100 ready to learn. When I entered his office he welcomed me and asked if I have a portfolio with me so he could see what I had already shot. 

To be honest, at the time I didn’t know what a portfolio was but I just figured out the part about needing to see the pictures so I handed over my camera to him. He previewed my images thoroughly and he picked one particular image he asked me one of the most profound questions that shaped my career and still do till today; WHAT’S THE STORY? Because that’s what you should always ask yourself before pressing the shutter

Long story short, he took me under his guidance and I got a lot of support from him and his team. 3 months later he offered me a full-time job and the rest is history.

Now the appreciation part: @iamraqey is responsible for the careers of many individuals in the media production industry today both directly and indirectly including my own. I guess the best way to show my /our gratitude is to give opportunities to other people coming into the industry without conditions or because we know them. We also have to level up and set the standards so that they can have something to look up to. Thanks you Raqey, may the good God continue to bless you!

Geofrey Mtatiro

I'm a storyteller by trade but a problem-solver by birth. I find creative ways to tell stories of Individuals, Brands, Businesses & Organizations through Photography, Film Production & Advertising. In 2012, I founded BRAINBONGO to do just that while still in high school with the help of a few friends. Through the years, we have become really good at it. We love it and we live it. We are #EXTRAORDINARY!

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