Miss faith, a newly wed and a good christian,got her first pregnancy and she was so overwhelmed : all she wanted is to the best mother in the world.She then decided to seek spiritual councelling from her priest.

One beautiful Sunday,after mass, Miss Faith approached the priest and asked, " Father,when is the right time for me to teach my little baby how to pray?".........."The very first day you receive the news that you are pregnant..."answered the Priest.

This little story was narrated to me by my mother and it made me relate it with the famous Swahili proverb "mtoto mkunje angali mbichi" meaning if you want to impact certain changes start at the very early stage.It might have sounded absurd to Miss Faith and to some of us but what the Priest wanted is for Miss Faith to realize that there is a special bond between a mother and a child that is naturally created from the very first day of pregnancy.

Unborn babies in a very miraculous way learn and develop a sense of connection with their mothers that helps them understand emotions. Every child is unique and it is the parents' task to groom them into finding their life assignments (what they were born to do), Moreover,in a very special favor a Mother is giving extra responsibilities of ensuring this particular child is infused with love and protection from day one.

A lot of women spend their pregnancy season stressed and they just can't wait for delivery..Yes! pregnancy comes with all other sort of physical stress but this is that right moment to teach your little baby and prepare them to face the world...Talk to the baby,read some stories,let the whole family talk to it from time to time,so that it feels loved...this like that and many more help the child's brain to paint memorable pictures that are to be printed when its born..

We have heard of several cases where a child doesn't feel connected to the parent(s)  because the pregnancy was so called  "a mistake or not planned"..Ever asked yourself ( how did this child know all that?) well don't forget mom and Dad talked and argued about it..even at its unborn state, it felt the rejection..Be careful what you talk about your unborn child.

There is never a bad kid, but a bad parent...!!!

Julieth Msoffe.

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