POEM: LOST LOVE (I want to understand)

*Based on true story and dedicated to all the Fathers that left their kids.*

Counting years won’t make sense no more,
It has been a million days and years or so.
My little mind couldn’t hold a picture of you for long,
With shoes and dresses you said you will return,
Pick a larger size am a woman now...And
I want to understand, what is taking you so long, I want to know.

As a baby I craved for your warmth,
They said no love would match that of a father.
As a baby I wanted to be protected,
They said no guardian can be compared to Dad’s.
I just wanted to felt what they called normal, but you weren’t there,
And now I want to understand, what made you go, I want to know.

I can tell I was a pretty one, they say I have my mother’s face,
Wasn’t that enough to make you stay, and stare when I sleep?
I wasn’t even stubborn, I swear….
Mama taught me the, “behave like a girl”
I can now dress, clean and cook pretty well too.
This is why I want to understand; why you disappeared, I want to know.

Took me so long to get used to the name Father,
So foreign it sounded, my mind couldn’t interpret.
For it was meaningless, calling without an answer.
I am not blaming you either, perhaps you had reasons,
Is just burning deep inside…and
I want to understand, why you couldn’t hold on, I want to know.

About The Author
Julieth Msoffe is a passionate,dynamic and inspiring writer and a blogger at JOURNEY TO SUCCESS.She believes in dreams and readiness to make them a reality as the only drive factor towards a successful future.

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