Many people might think branding is only for companies or businesses but the truth is that branding starts at an individual level. Personal Branding is in many ways synonymous with your reputation. It is all about who you are and what you want others to think of you.

You have a personal brand whether you like it or not. Think about how you show up, how others perceive you, what you know and who knows it, and what your online profile says about you.Think of what comes up when you google your name. That matters! In today's world, personal branding is a necessary aspect to take care of. Whether you are a student or pursuing a career, personal branding will help you stand out among your colleagues. Some employers nowadays even check your profiles on social media to find out what you share and how you interact with others before the interview. Psychologists have recently done research on how Facebook reveals your personality. Now, personal branding is a broad term but I am gonna make it easy for you by breaking it down into 5 ultimate tips for personal branding that will help people answer the question below...

1. Be real

You may be tempted to lie or exaggerate your qualities or strengths but trust me, no one wants to believe a "perfect" individual and this can push them away from you. When describing yourself, avoid using "hyper" words and present a "zombie personality" but instead be humble yet use precise words. For example; instead of saying "I am a very creative, over-qualified computer programmer" you may want to say "I am so passionate about computer programming". I think your message will be more effective using the later statement.

2. Be known for something

To really shine, you need to be clear on who you are, what you want, and you need to harness and build your skills and knowledge. The key is to not only build them but to become known for them, in a way that differentiates you from everyone else. It's not just enough that you know what you know -- others have to know that you know it. This is how you become a thought leader or an expert. And remember to be specific. If you think you can be known for everything, you run the risk of being known for nothing at all. Get clarity, build your deep expertise, and then you can become known for it.

3. Be vulnerable

Many people only like to share their success and triumphs but not their failures or weaknesses."When  people are willing to share theirs weaknesses and failures, trust is formed." says Michael Fishman, a marketing consultant and the founder of Consumer Health Summit

4. Build and own your personal brand online

How you show up online is just as important (or maybe even more important these days) than how you show up in person. It can literally make or break you, in terms of others' perception and your reputation. If you haven't done a Google search on yourself recently, then you need to do one. Knowing what is out there on the web when people are looking for you, whether it is a future employer, a new manager or a client, is critical to managing your brand. Think about your social media presence, your personal website or blog, how and where you comment online, then look at what you are saying and how people are responding.

5. Network all the time.

Try to build relationships with as many people as possible. Constantly be figuring out what you can do for other people and what they can do for you. Make lots of friends and make sure those friends are diverse people who are really doing things. The next time you need an expert or help on a project, you'll have someone you can call.

You should also really get to know people: learn their real or full names and remember details about them. This changes how people see you (into someone who is friendly, earnest, and cares) and leave a strong impression on the people who interact with you. The ones who you know best and who feel most connected to you will talk about you to others - this is how your personal brand grows stronger.

Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are all great avenues to reach potential clients and let your personality shine. By sharing articles you feel are important, or recommendations for products you truly believe in, you curate the world through your lens and build authority in your community and industry. Encourage customers to voice their concerns via social media and respond to them publicly, showcasing the type of personal service customers can expect. The way you interact with customers and your staff is the essence of personal brands. - See more at: http://www.success.com/mobile/article/how-to-brand-yourself#sthash.jbJgGrhU.dpuf
“When people are willing to display their quirks and failures, trust is formed,” Fishman says. - See more at: http://www.success.com/mobile/article/how-to-brand-yourself#sthash.jbJgGrhU.dpuf
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