It is very easy to wish to be an entrepreneur than becoming one.Some people think that starting & running their own business is as the same as becoming entrepreneurs but this is a wrong assumption.It is important to know that not all business owners are entrepreneurs but all entrepreneurs are business owners.

Entrepreneurship is about behavior,character and much more of personal traits than just getting a capital, buy a computer, pay for an office then open a business.

But,what so called entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs think of entrepreneurship? what do they think what it means to be an entrepreneur? Here are five (5) myths about being entrepreneurs:

If you become an entrepreneur,you will definitely be successful

 Most people think that starting and running their businesses as entrepreneurs is a recipe or their success, some leave their jobs and join the entrepreneurship with this myth, some graduate and become entrepreneurs with this mindset, but if you learn about the qualities of successful entrepreneurs, it takes time, patience, and perseverance to achieve success.Just because Oprah Winfrey started talk show and turned out to be a million dollar success, it does not guarantee you today to do the same.

You can just work at anytime

 Most people think that becoming an entrepreneur will give you a flexible time schedule and so you can even wake up at 10 am.You need to know from the beginning that working as an entrepreneur will require most of your time as compared to be employed by someone, don't lie to yourself that you can just work 3 to 5 hours a day and go home watch TV, it is more than that, its not about working at anytime but working at proper time and with efficiency

You can just take a day-off at anytime

Most people think that once you become an entrepreneur, you can just take 3 days off in the middle of the week and travel, or you can just decide not to work in this week and maybe work another week, this is wrong, know that in the first 2 to 5 years of running your own business as an entrepreneur, you live, eat and breath your business, the business needs you all the time, but this does not mean that you should not take days off and recharge.

You can just work from home,spend time with your family and pets 

Some people think that once you become an entrepreneur you can just relax, wake up at 10 am, work from home while watching TV, playing with your pets, and even changing diapers.This is wrong; you need enough time dedication, focus, and concentration if you were to be a successful entrepreneur, but don't get me wrong about working from home, you can efficiently and cost-effectively work from home and running your business successfully, the important thing is to create an environment for that

Conclusively, you need to learn and understand about the traits of becoming a successful entrepreneur? you need to rethink and do away with these myths, focus on your business as the owner, and learn about becoming successful    

 Article by  Salum Awadh

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Salum Awadh is a young renowned business and financial consultant in Tanzania with about five (5) years of experience in providing advisory services in the areas of business development, management, finance, investment, transaction advises, venture capital, deal structuring, project management, risk management, socio-economic development, research and training. He holds an MBA (Finance) and currently doing a certification in Chartered International Investment Analyst (CIIA)

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