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         Breaking up is never an easy task for anyone,even for the one dumping.It is so difficult that some people even prefer to remain in useless relationships.
         Although every one is always quick to offer advice on how to attract a good mate or maintain a relationship,the art of dumping is a neglected area.As the result many lack the tact of breaking up in style and opt for cheap and cowardly actions like via  e-mail,by sms,or having a friend do the dirty work.

         After I figured out the need,I turned to a certain useful source and I obtained some very tactful suggestions for a successful dumping which will help you remain 'the good guy'.Here are the suggestions;
         *Cruelty is not an option and face to face dumping is the most effective and fair way to end a relationship
         *Starting a face to face break up conversation with your soon to be ex with the line,"It's not you,it's me" can be corny if not properly used but very effective in the hands of an expert who is poetic and good with words
         *Blame everything on yourself or on the relationship itself.Don't blame him/her.So if they are cheating,instead of saying,"I'm breaking up with you because you're a cheating jerk"say something like,"I feel insecure all the time and need sometime alone to regain my confidence".Make yourself into the victim;it gives the other person a false sense of confidence.
         *If you choose to be honest,be gentle and never use the line,"we can still be friends".We all know that this line is said just to make the other person feel better.Telling an ex,"we can still be friends".sends that person a mixed signals and may cause that person to stick around
         *To understand their feelings and let them tell you the reason you're wrong.In the end though,remain firm,and keep them aware that itssomething you need to do  for yyourself
         *Don't take any joy in what you're doing even if that person deserves it.Infact,try to look as miserable as possible so that they have some comfort in knowing that it was not easy for you to leave them,annd try to be compassionate.
         *They might be angry with you considering how much they cared about you.This is expected but stick to the plan;don't back down with few tears.
     The coward's way out is to start a fight or do something that will anger your significant other so much that he/she will be the one to dump you and thus you'll avoid being the bad guy who ended the relationship

Source:The Standard Magazine

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