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         This may sound lunatic to anyone who read the heading alone before going deep into it but its something noble that I have realized as I was thinking of the following people; Mother Theresa,Martin Luther king,Jr,Tupac Shakur,Steve Jobs,Albert Einstein,Bob Marley,Mwl Julius Nyerere,Princess Diana e.t.c.Wonder what these people have in common?THEY ARE ALL DEAD but am hundred percent sure that they still live till today.
          I believe Martin Luther king,Jr still lives in many afro-americans' hearts till today.I believe too that Tupac Shakur still exists in the hearts of many hip hop fans and so is Steve Jobs in the hearts of techies and technology enthusiast including me.Then I learnt a big thing; USE THE MOST OF YOUR ABILITY TO DO WHAT YOU DO BEST AND IF IT IS NOT JUST FOR YOUR CAUSE BUT FOR MAJORITY'S BENEFIT,YOU MIGHT TOUCH THE LIVES OF MANY AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE IN THEIR HEARTS EVEN AFTER YOU DIE.

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