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        It is everyone's wish to be accepted and approved by the society,people around him/her and most important by the loved ones.Here is the secret I learnt from Dr. Richard Carlson and want to share it with you today.He said,"The less you care about seeking approval,the more approval you seem to get.People are drawn to those who are quite,inner confidence,people who don't need to make themselves look good,be "right" all the time,steal the glory."
       Most people love a person who doesn't need to brag,a person who shares from his or her heart and not from his or her ego.What you need to do is being yourself and be real.Don't fake your life,don't act to be a person you are not just in order to "fit in".As the inevitable result of this,positive people will be drawn to you like a magnet and if they will become friends then they are more likely to be loyal,people you can rely on and that's because they know the real you and love anyway.
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